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Current Residence: Baker Street 221b
Favourite genre of music: Nu-Metal, Metal, Hardrock, Alternative, Punk, Immediate Music
Favourite cartoon character: Tifa (FFVII), Usagi&Makoto (SM), Mai (ATLA), Raven (TT), Ariel, Basil, Hades.. (Disney)
Personal Quote: See you next time space cowboy <3
I was tagged by :iconaasmith1294:

... HERE WE GO!!!!!

First, write five things about yourself, four facts and one lie (See if anybody who comments can guess it XD). Even if its SO obvious which is the lie, go ahead and write whatever you want. Its all for fun! :) (Smile) :) (Smile)

Mh.. alright. 4 facts 1 lie... let's see...

1. I love drinking beer! (German stereotype xD)

2. My favourite games are the old Final Fantasy Series (VI - X)

3. I have short blonde hair! <3

4. I love meat! MEAT!!! ROAR!! *nomnom*

5. I have a disturbing addiction to DC comics, Teen Titans, D*sney and Sailor Moon...

Not really difficult if you know me a little bit.. :3

Now for the questions!!!!!

 1.  Favourite animated characters?

Tough one. There are too many great animated chaacters out there. But spontaneous I'd say...
Usagi (Sailor Moon), Ariel (Disney), Raven (Teen Titans), Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy VII)

 2.  What thing/things would you banish to oblivion forever if you could?

Many people. There way too much of people out there who don't deserve it to be on this planet. :3

 3.  Thing that never fails to make you feel nostalgic?

Watching very old cartoons and anime like Moomins, Kickers, D*sney Afternoon...
And of course looking at my baby-albums. xD (Fatty fatty Pi!)

 4.  What superpowers or/and skills would you want? (You can say 'Same as Raven/Superman/Batman/etc...')

Ravens powers are awesome, but plz without the "daddy-issue".. xD

 5.  How would you spend 24 hours without travel or money restrictions if you could do anything?

24 hours are really short.. so I can't go to D*sneyworld, San Diego comic Con or something very far away. (Too much time would be wasted on the plane..xD)
So~ I guess 6* hotel, eat the best steak of my life & party my ass off in in some big city in Germany, or a close one in Europe.
And I'd order many costumes and cosplay stuff -clothes in general, comics, DVD's, games, a PS4.. xD

 6.  In voice acting or live action, would you rather play a hero, villain or anti-hero?

Hero <3

 7.  A nickname people call you? If you don't really have one, then what would you say would be a fitting one?


 8.  What would you love to be doing in the next couple of years?

More and more comics & art because that's my hobby Nr.1!

 9.  The instrument you’d pick if you could learn to play it instantly?

Electric Violin. Never saw anything cooler. *-*

10. What was the best Halloween costume you ever wore? If you don’t really do Halloween (:O (Eek)) then how about cosplay?

Miss Beetlejuice and Alice in Horrorland.. oh, and my dead secretary was also nice. xD

11. Favourite villains?

Sephiroth (FFVII) & Kefka (FFVI) ... they had the best villains ever...

12. What happy single fond moment/memory would you want to witness again in your life?

.... My first time in D*sneyland Paris. x'DD *cries*


That was nice ^-^

And now I chooooooose .. YOU!!!

:iconlittlemissfg: :iconpookelucy: :iconvale123sb456: :iconbellette: :iconcleoarrow: :iconverity-of-paradise: :iconcjhibari02: :iconang3lbabe1527: :iconchiapple:

I'm off to Prague in a few hours! Can't wait to see this beautiful city, drink the beer and eat all the meat there. It sounds like paradise to me. xD So - I hope you too have  a wonderful time...
I also can't wait to see what present I'll get from my boyfriend. But well, love surprises so.. I'll have to wait until the eve of the 19th to see it... RAAAH!!! ;3

See you at the end of next week space cowboys!

  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: Rammstein
  • Reading: Catwoman
  • Watching: Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Playing: South Park - The Stick of Truth
  • Eating: MEAT!
  • Drinking: Water

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