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Current Residence: Baker Street 221b
Favourite genre of music: Nu-Metal, Metal, Hardrock, Alternative, Punk, Immediate Music
Favourite cartoon character: Tifa (FFVII), Usagi&Makoto (SM), Mai (ATLA), Raven (TT), Ariel, Basil, Hades.. (Disney)
Personal Quote: See you next time space cowboy <3
...until the Sailor Moon Reboot "Sailor Moon Crystal" will be available via streaming... I SO CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS!!! My God!! )"(%Z§=%/"=&/!!!

Seriously: This anime and OF COURSE the manga were the biggest influence besides Disney that I had in my childhood. This show introduced me to the world of anime and manga in general and you can see some Naoko in my drawing style until this very day.
I'm very happy that we had a really nice german dub back then - I can understand when people from the US or UK doesn't really like this show.
They destroyed it ... sorry guys, but seriously. No offense.. but...but.. When I heard that dub the first time I wanted to kill myself (or at least my ears xD) plus these idiots censored it like hell. It was an insult! -.-

Anyways - Can't wait to see the reboot in a few hours. I'm nervous.. ^^;
I loved the manga even more than the anime so... I'm really happy about the fact that Crystal will be A LOT more like the original story Naoko-sama came up with 20 years ago... :heart: ....... (20 years ago... f*ck, I feel so old sometimes x'D)
Also the character designs look like her drawing now... she must be happy. :happycry:

So.. yay - besides that... everything is... normal..I guess?
This month is fun fair time again in my city!!! The biggest fun fair on the rhine they call it. Can't wait to drive with all the roller coasters, eat the delicious food & ice cream.. oh and yeah - drink beer in the party tents @ night. I hope there will be karaoke this year... xD
.... I'm really lookin' forward to it!

I'll try to bring up quicker updates on COHP the next weeks. I have the goal to finish this comic until november this year.
Then the next one will follow right in time. ;D

See you space cowboys!
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Wir Sind Helden
  • Reading: Tiny Titans
  • Watching: Ojamajo DoReMi Dokkan!!!
  • Playing: South Park (It's SO much fun xDD)
  • Eating: Brezel (Mhh, with hot butter! NOMNOM)
  • Drinking: Hot Chocolate (...I'll get fat.. x'D)

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